Rainy Day Rebels
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Hello, so nice to meet you! I am Jessi and I am the creator of this little slice of internet weirdness. I am here to share my experiences of entrepreneurship and motherhood in Portland Oregon. One of my many goals is to live more simply and create less of an impact on our dear mother earth.

Mom wearing her Optune device.

Mom wearing her Optune device.

In December of 2018 my mom, Mary was diagnosed with a butterfly glioblastoma. Basically an inoperable fast growing brain cancer. Brain cancer is not super common and is still being researched. The oncologists don’t have too many ways to fight this terrible cancer, luckily there are many alternative treatments that have been shown to slow its growth. Unfortunately insurance does not cover them. That is where we come in, I am raising money to assist my mom in her treatments, this includes trials, organic- clean eating, and THC/CBD protocols. Anything helps!

Check out or caring bridge site for updates and other ways to support Mary and her crew during this season of life.


XO Jessi  


When it rains we craft

We are so glad that you are here. We are a DIY family documenting all the craziest of ideas on this little blog. Matt has been honing his screen printing skills in our home studio for years and selling his designs in his etsy store Knighthawkink. Jessi is salon owner and obsessed with healthy shiny hair, she is runs an eco-friendly hair studio in Portland called Revolve Hair Studio. We decided to go in on a collaboration together to slow down this fashion thing and think a bit more about our impact.

Matt and Jessi 

Rainy Day Rebels 

Rainy Day Rebels represents everything we hold dear - artistry, sustainability and above all, family.  Not only do we create beauty, we use beauty to create.  In a fast-paced world, we slow down and make eco-friendly, super high quality products with a quirky twist – think ethically-sourced materials and meticulous hand screen printing with fun up-cycled elements.  Simply put, we work hard to make wearable and usable art that is worth something.


Much of Rainy Day Rebels’ creative inspiration comes straight from our beloved Pacific Northwest.  Our home studio is quite literally our everything.  It’s where we print, sew, pack and ship our products.  It’s where we have our meetings.  It’s where we eat, sleep and live.  It’s also our inspiration, our vision and our why.  Everything we produce ultimately benefits the home it is made in as we tirelessly work toward updating and personalizing our Portland urban homestead.


The Rebels representing Rainy Day include myself (Jessi) and my husband Matt.  I have been creating and sewing since high school and Matt has been screen printing for just as long.  We recently combined our creative efforts and Rainy Day Rebels was born.

Rainy Day Rebels is more than a name though, at the end of the day it is what we stand for.  We don’t let the rain keep us down; instead we rebel, keep busy and create – never giving up.  



Jessi was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She spent lots of time doing lots of arts and crafts and has been a life long non conformer. She is an outside of the box thinker and problem solver. She spends her days in her hair salon in Portland bringing out the best in her clients.  



I illustrate and screen print onto ethically manufactured apparel. Each step of the production process is done in-house and by hand. I'm self-taught in every aspect of the business, and put a significant amount of thought into the design, printing, and photography of each item. I use eco-friendly water-based inks, sweatshop-free clothing, and biodegradable cleaning products. 
I am constantly learning about the art through daily experience and I love it more each day. 
This makes me happy.
Screen printing captured my heart twenty years ago and I like it more each day (some days more than others ;P). Thanks for taking the time to read this screed, and please feel free to get in touch about anything at all.