Painting linoleum floors even if it might be a bad idea.

Why hello there, 

I often have bad ideas, I obsessively research every one till my eyeball pop out of my head from Pinteresting so hard. Since I recently spent 6 hours looking at painted floors on Pinterest I thought I might make a blog post of what I have decided to do, partly for myself and maybe to save another DIYer the trouble if it is a real real bad idea. 

So here it is.....we moved into our house 2 days before Christmas last year, that is 5 months ago. The whole house was carpeted minus this lovely linoleum kitchen floor. The fun part of this floor is it is attached to another layer of linoleum flooring too, and maybe even one more, who knows what is under there! I am not ready to find out yet. So I have convinced my husband glitter epoxy floor is the way to go, except upon further research I find that either the linoleum is to be removed or a particle board layer would need to be put down. The house was built in 1939 so I think I should avoid both at this time. 


After spend oodles of time on the webs I have narrowed my inspo pics down to a few from this website

this one, which I can't read anything on because I don't know this language  here

this one, which I can't read anything on because I don't know this language here

There are not as many paints as you would think that can paint on linoleum but I found another blogger who uses Rust Scat paint  on her projects over at 1915 House and raves about it so here we go!


We decided to go more with the blue than the green color and true story- I almost always choose aqua given the choice, so I am trying to branch out :)




Jessi Cook-Knight